What people are saying

“Ms. Palomino is a person with a life dedicated to the needs of our community. She would make a great legislator.”

Former City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado

Mayor Tomás Regalado , Miami

“Rosy Palomino is the right person to send to Tallahassee to fight for funding of our quality of life projects, including sea level rise mitigation and solutions to improve our present traffic conditions. Rosy Palomino is our friend and will champion our concerns.”

Former Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason

Mayor Jim Cason , Miami

“Rosy Palomino is a proven and committed activist in our community. She knows our needs for smart growth, traffic solutions, and our right to a safe and clean environment.”

Former Key Biscayne Mayor Mayra Peña-Lindsay

Mayor Mayra Peña-Lindsay , Key Biscayne

“Rosy Palomino is a person committed to good government and good business. Working with her on the Miami After Dark radio program, we brought many important guests to discuss important issues affecting our community. Very few people are as engaged in our community as her. I count on Rosy as a friend and a leader in our community.”

Bob Powers, host of Miami After Dark radio program, President of the Palm Grove Neighborhood Association and Navy veteran.

Bob Powers , Miami

“Rosy Palomino is a wonderful woman, small business owner, educator, and park activist who has bravely made the decision to run for public office. I think its high time we get a woman in office representing us. Rosy is not your typical self interested politician, but a woman who actually believes in serving the people. Most important, she is someone who believes in fiscal responsibility with a focus on building sustainable communities and long term business and job growth. I believe Rosy Palomino can be that candidate.”

Denise Galvez, President of Go To Marketing

Denise Galvez , Miami