Secure Our Schools

As an public school educator of 22 years, Rosy Palomino recognizes the safety and security of our schools as vital. A learning environment must feel safe and secure for students to learn and parents to be at ease. She is a firm believer in the #FixIt strategy which means hardening schools with reasonable, common sense solutions that do not have wait for “funding” to bring immediate safety and security to our schools.

1. Rosy Palomino would ensure that state money reaches schools that need “hardening” of access points and the necessary personnel training to reduce or eliminate potential sources of violence.  She would oppose any issuance of concealed carry permits without the proper background checks, and any weakening of the background screening process.

2. Rosy Palomino would work with our federal congressional delegation to review national HIPAA laws that prevent mental health professionals from reporting potential threats from persons with mental health illness to the appropriate authorities.

3. Rosy Palomino would introduce legislation to provide grants to local police, sheriff’s offices, the military, federal and state courts, Native American tribes and in some places, hospitals and treatment providers, to send criminal or mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  The Parkland high school shooter was someone flagged by law enforcement as a danger to the public but not reported to NICS, allowing him to purchase firearms.

4. Rosy Palomino would prioritize funding for mental health screenings and restore funding for child welfare programs.  This includes increasing staffing and financial support for key personnel like guidance counselors and mental health professionals.

5. Rosy Palomino would create an oversight committee for the Department of Children and Families.   We must also involve law enforcement organizations who are better trained in investigations for inquires into reports of possible child and senior abuse.  We must prevent troubled youths from “slipping between the cracks.” The Parkland Shooter had little to no oversight, despite numerous red flags.