Letter to the Editor about Water Quality

Gov Jeb Bush

Put agreed-to plan into action

Published in the Sun Sentinel newspaper

As a Republican and a candidate for the Florida House, I need to alert your readers to the dangers of the “algae bloom.” Florida is now facing the worst case of “algae bloom” water contamination in its history. In my rare case, I lost a twin pregnancy and almost died from a systemic algae infection after swimming with family in Biscayne Bay.

The responsibility for this crisis is with every level of government. The federal government manages the waters of Lake Okeechobee, the state manages the waters everywhere else and the runoff comes from urban areas regulated by county and municipal governments.

We have the comprehensive solution to the problem of algae bloom. In 2000, President Clinton and Gov. Jeb Bush signed a $7.8 billion pact to fix our outdated and inadequate water management system — it needs to be implemented.

My twins would have turned 11 this year.

Rosy Palomino


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