Let's Move Forward

Florida is one of the fastest growing states in America, in both population and jobs. In a general sense, policymakers have to ensure that everyone  by offering choices, particularly in education is important, removing regulatory barriers for entrepreneurship and reducing costs to start and operate businesses in the form of taxes and fees.

We need to re-think our approach to growing Florida’s economy and the opportunities offered to students and low-skilled workers. If we want higher paying jobs, then we need to develop a higher-skilled labor force. This means embracing choices for education at the center of a pro-growth strategy.

“With the right leadership, we can transform Florida into a trailblazer in today’s new economy.”  — Rosy Palomino

Our state spending priorities should recognize the need to re-train low-skilled labor in order to be placed into higher wage positions such as vocational training and apprenticeship programs.

Over the long term, supporting measures to reduce costs for existing businesses and start-ups is important. These measures immediately give business-owners more capital to reinvest into their companies leading to new hires across the board. Similarly, reducing the cost of living for homeowners through property tax and windstorm insurance reform will increase their purchasing power and spur consumer spending.

Focused on our "Quality of Life"

Miami-Dade’s economy is at risk due to the lack of reliable transportation options. Rosy Palomino understands that the disruption traffic congestion causes to businesses and has fought for expanding transit service in Miami-
Dade. She will fight to reduce congestion on our major roadways starting with how state government prioritizes funding and overseas its projects.

Our community is becoming increasingly unaffordable to live and do business. Our vulnerable seniors are often forced to choose between paying high rents and food or medicine. Rosy Palomino understands that public investment and competition are essential to our economic growth and quality of life.

As an educator with Miami-Dade Public Schools for 21 years, Rosy Palomino firmly believes that a high quality, public education is fundamental to our community’s economic growth. Our community cannot attract good paying jobs without better educated and higher skilled labor.

A deadly, water-borne algae infection turned Rosy Palomino into a tireless, clean water advocate. She will champion the water quality of our Biscayne Bay and waterways from run-off pollution and introduce resilience policies that mitigate against sea level rise and storm surge while preserving home values and lowering insurance rates.

Secure Our Schools
Rosy Palomino will implement the necessary accountability policies to ensure public money is invested properly and quickly in placing safeguards, such as “hardening” locations, to protect the public from shooting incidents. Read more about her Secure Our Schools plan here.

Florida is facing many challenges. Many of those challenges have common sense solutions that are well tested in other states.

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