Let's Move Forward

Florida is one of the fastest growing states in America, in both population and jobs. In a general sense, policymakers have to ensure that everyone  by offering choices, particularly in education is important, removing regulatory barriers for entrepreneurship and reducing costs to start and operate businesses in the form of taxes and fees.

We need to re-think our approach to growing Florida’s economy and the opportunities offered to students and low-skilled workers. If we want higher paying jobs, then we need to develop a higher-skilled labor force. This means embracing choices for education at the center of a pro-growth strategy.

“With the right leadership, we can transform Florida into a trailblazer in today’s new economy.”  — Rosy Palomino

Our state spending priorities should recognize the need to re-train low-skilled labor in order to be placed into higher wage positions such as vocational training and apprenticeship programs.

Over the long term, supporting measures to reduce costs for existing businesses and start-ups is important. These measures immediately give business-owners more capital to reinvest into their companies leading to new hires across the board. Similarly, reducing the cost of living for homeowners through property tax and windstorm insurance reform will increase their purchasing power and spur consumer spending.

Focused on our "Quality of Life"


Our 3 E’s for Florida is a simple approach to tackling our “Quality of Life” issues in Tallahassee. You can also read our longer format issues page for details.

Presenting our 3 E’s for Florida: Economy, Education and the Environment

Important Issues


Let’s Move Forward on Job Creation:

Cut taxes like the commercial lease tax and help small businesses hire and grow. Foster innovation like solar energy to reduce costs and Gov 2.0 accountability standards to reduce government waste.


Let’s Move Forward on Transit:

Reduce traffic delays with upgrades to signalization and encourage public transit investment. Keep us moving forward!


Let’s Move Forward on Healthcare:

Advance market-based solutions to control rising healthcare costs while improving quality and access.


Let’s Move Forward on the Environment:

Create a Conservative plan to dedicate Amendment 1 funding for new urban parks and promote a clean Biscayne Bay. Return our kids to the outdoors again and end the “Obesity Bubble.”


Let’s Move Forward on Education:

Promote parental choice, better pay for teachers and student access to vocational and STEM programs.