The city of Miami government and any municipal government exists to provide services that ensure a standard of living and quality of life that invites families and businesses to invest and create thriving communities. The city provides essential services to meet these goals which include:

  1. Planning and Zoning (development and improvements)
  2. Public Safety (Police, Fire and other First Responder services)
  3. Sanitation (regular and bulk garbage hauling)
  4. Public works (street and sidewalk maintenance)
  5. Parks and Recreation (managing a park system and providing for activities)

The city also does provide or support other services as necessary for public welfare such as:

  1. Homeless services
  2. Visitor’s bureau, special events and film production
  3. Museums and educational venues
  4. Senior and low-income housing
  5. Traffic congestion mitigation and transit options
  6. Beautification such as Arts in Public Spaces and greenscape

The task of a city of Miami commissioner is to advocate for the needs of taxpayers and maximize the allocation of public resources in the wisest possible manner to resolves those needs. To this end, the city commission selects a city manager as the chief executive of the city to direct those resources. The commissioner continues to advocate for the best possible use of public resources and hold the administration accountable.

As your commissioner, I will eliminate expenditures that are not aligned with the city’s intended mission, and implement best practice policies to run a city government that is lean and effective. I also propose an in depth analysis of expenditures and operating costs, as well as a cost benefit analysis of all projects, to eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

The city must also encourage activities such as special events and most importantly film production that increase revenues. As your commissioner, I will support and propose properly vetted projects that bring revenues to the city to ease the property owners’ tax burden.

The city must make an effort to earn the trust of our residents. Therefore, as your commissioner, I will propose regulations mandating transparency in all city of Miami contracts and business dealings.

As a candidate for the city of Miami Commission District 2, I know where the city is lacking in terms of public services and convinced that these needs can be resolved without further tax burdens to property owners. I will recruit a commission staff of the best and the brightest minds to help me eliminate waste and reduce cost in city government. I am committed to work hard to make our city truly join the 21st century and become a beacon of democracy that is effective, efficient and accountable to “We The People.”

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