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"To be a great leader is to selflessly serve others. These are words I live by in everything I do."
Mayor Tomas Regalado and Rosy Palomino

Rosy Palomino is a community leader, survivor, veteran educator and a small business owner.

She operated a Cohen’s Fashion Optical, a New York-based medical-retail franchise, taught for 22 years at Citrus Grove Elementary in Little Havana, and is the President of Tropical Nostalgia Inc., which offers Miami After Dark wines, luxury gifting and locally-branded confections.

As a community leader, Rosy serves as President of the Douglas Park Neighborhood Association, created a weekly radio news program and leads efforts to expand park access. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Florida International University.

She is a survivor of a deadly, toxic algae infection she contracted after swimming in Biscayne Bay. The infection cost the lives of her unborn twins and nearly took her life.

She is the daughter of Cuban exile parents Magaly and Jose J. Palomino. For nearly 3 decades, her father was the administrator for the largest culinary and hospitality program in the United States at Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center. Her grandfather Jose Palomino-Lecuona was also a congressman to Cuba’s House of Representatives before the Cuban Revolution. Her uncle Ernesto Lecuona was the renowned composer and pianist gave Cuban Classical Music to the world.

Born and raised in Miami and residing in the Douglas Park neighborhood, Rosy’s greatest passion is our community and the opportunities it represents. She has seen many people – especially our seniors and youth – left behind by the city of Miami.

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Civic Affiliations

Founding President, Miami Parks Foundation

President, Douglas Park Neighborhood Association / Friends of Douglas Park

Member, Urban Environment League

Member, Old Smokey Steering Committee

Member, Latin Chamber of Commerce of U.S.A. (CAMACOL)

Vice-President, Golden Pines Neighborhood Association (past)


Political Affiliations

Member, Log Cabin Republicans

Founding Member, Women Republican Club, Federated of Miami

Treasurer, Republican Liberty Caucus of Miami

Member, Old Cutler Women’s Republican Club

Committeewoman, Republican Party of Miami-Dade County (past)